RDV360II 4 Channel DVR 360° View

RDV360II Enhanced  360° View 4-ch DVR System




One Camera (Depending on Trigger) / "Birds Eye View"



360° Surround View System eliminates the blind spot for safe & easy parking experiences. 4-camera real time viewing outputs brings the viewing experiences to a higher level. In case of an accident, the DVR records and keep evidences of how it happened and when it happened.

Safe Parking Experiences 
360° real-time surround view image displays on the right side and a backup camera view displays on the left side for enhanced viewing.

360° Bird-view 
This system adopts the Seamless Image Junction Technology which integrates four camera views into 360-degree surround view image of a vehicle that providing real-time video output to monitors and recording. 

4 High Res Cameras
This system uses four high resolutions 180 viewing angle cameras which are in high-definition with auto-aperture function that adjusts the image brightness automatically.

Cycle Recording
The "Real-Time Cycle Recording System" records the 4-channel images while a vehicle is in operation using microSD(maximum 32GB) or external USB memory. When the recording time reaches the memory capacity, the system continues to record by erasing the oldest recorded information.

3-Way System Turn On Options:
1.Turns on the system by reverse trigger.
2.Turns on the system a remote control (provided).
3.Turns on the system by double press of a warning light.

Parking with RDV360             DVR video Playback