Backup Cameras

Back Up Cameras

Duo and Lip camera

The Duo and Lip cameras are designed for rear only. We included function to flip image 90 degrees, so that cameras can be installed horizontally or vertically.
Duo camera housing is made out of alloy metal and the Lip camera's housing is smaller and made out of ABS plastic.

Keyhole Camera

Installer must locate the best location for the Keyhole camera. Once verified, make a hole using the supplied hole saw. The camera will fit securely using the clip attached around the camera.
The camera is paintable but there is a procedure to paint it without voiding the warranty. Twist the head of the camera to remove the surface ring. After removing the ring, installer can now paint the ring only (DO NOT paint the camera lens).


The red pigtail of the RCA labeled as “Reverse Anode Output” is the reverse trigger from the power harness from other side of wire harness. wire for any monitor that requires reverse trigger input.
They are currently using CMOS IV for MINy & MINy LED2. The MINy HD is using ULTRA CMOS II.
Our cameras are in the range of 150 – 170 degree view angle.
These are features for our cameras. Near the camera wire harness connector, there are (2) green and (2) white wires tucked in. Splice the green wires and connect them together to remove the parking lines. Splice the white wires and connect them together to defeat the mirror image (go to standard image) POWER MUST BE CYCLED TO SEE CHANGES.