• Made for Integrating CM-D500 Dual Blind Spot Camera to Indash Multimedia Units
  • Multiple Camera/Trigger Input
  • 1 video output + 12 Volt Trigger
  • Works with OE or aftermarket radio (OE requires interface)
  • Priority override for backup camera signal
  • Provides reverse camera output trigger for aftermarket radios

Tech Bulletin Switcher (CM-Switcher)



DUAL SIDE Cameras 

 Resolution (TV LINES): 480
 Minimum illumination: <0.3Lux
 Angle: 150°
 Includes Y - Harness Relay to Integrate to Single Video Output


Dual Side Cameras (CM-D500). Kit includes relay box that connects both cameras into one output for easy integration. Cameras will be triggered on by turn signals, making lane change simple and safer. Mount under both side view mirrors, the kit comes with self-adhesive pads making install seamless. The angle of the camera is specifically designed to eliminate drivers blind spots.