FAQ: Car DVR System

Car DVR System


Yes, location of the camera can be determined according to the customers desire.
All of our cameras (not including commercial camera) share interchangeable 4 pin plug and power plugs.



During calibration, the vehicle must be on a flat level road then adjust the camera vertically to match the yellow line on the screen evenly with the horizon.
Yes! It can be adjusted by  pressing LWT (Left Warning Time) & RWT (Right Warning Time).
Adjust the front collision warning by pressing “TTC” on the remote and the left and right arrows to either make the distance longer or shorter.
The PVR15W using GPS will detect greater than 35mph to activate the lane assist and front collision warning.
Our unit does have the built in G-Sensor. When the PVR15W senses a shock, it will capture a 30 second video and save/lock the video to the Micro SD Card.