MN312R Rearview Mirror GPS Navigation

MN312R Rear view Mirror GPS Navigation /  Bluetooth Integrated





3.5" Touch Screen Easy-to-Use Rear View Mirror Navigation System

The MN312R is a 10-1/4 inch replacement mirror housing that includes an state-of-the-art, full-featured touch screen navigation system, Bluetooth-enabled handsfree connectivity and one-button access to vehicle location and driver safety services by Guidepoint Systems. The MN312R eclipses its predecessor with a more robust housing, circuit board and processor to ensure reliable operation. A combination of hardware and touch-screen-based buttons allow easy ergonomic control of the systems many functions, which include:

Turn-by-Turn, Voice-Assisted Navigation & Built-in Backup Monitor: 
Use your fingers to select destinations and waypoints in the U.S. and Canada (Mexico maps optional) and choose from more than 10-million Points of Interest (POI) with voice prompts from the built-in speaker or through the vehicle’s audio system. Use the MN312R to check your view while backing up your vehicle, with auto-trigger function to ensure your safe driving, for both moving forward & backward.

Handsfree Bluetooth Speakerphone:
Get voice prompts from the built-in speaker or through the vehicle’s audio system through the Handsfree Bluetooth Speaker phone:  Use the MN312R to dial numbers, answer and end calls through a reliable Bluetooth connection. A built-in mic helps to minimize noise and deliver voice clarity.

Enhanced Safety and Notification:
The provided temperature sensor enables the MN312R to display ambient outside temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Plus, connect one of Rydeen’s MINy™ or DUO™ back-up cameras and automatically see a view behind the vehicle when it is placed in reverse.

 Multiple Installation Applications and Options:
Select from several customized mounting stems to match the MN312R to a specific vehicle. Also, choose to use the embedded speaker for navigation prompts, music playback and hands-free calls, or connect the included audio line out to an auxiliary input on the radio to hear sound through the vehicle’s speakers.




Product Features:

- Rear-view Mirror with GPS Navigation (3.5-inch)
- Built-in GPS Antenna 
- One-button access to Guidepoint service 
- Integrated Bluetooth for Hands-free Cell Phone Operations
- Video Auto-Trigger Switching for Back Up Camera
- Selectable Viewing Format for Navigation (2D, 3D or Turn-by-Turn)
- 4 Millions of Points of Interests with Phone Numbers for Most Locations
- Natural Sounding Text to Speech
- MicroSD Card Slot for Easy Map Update
- Tele-Mute Output for controlling audio mute function of head-unit
- Easy Access Buttons
- Mirror measures 10-1/4 inches
- Standard Vehicle Mount (VSM-AN) Included