Specialty Products

Internet Connected Multi-media Double-DIN Stations

Last year, we were one of the first companies to produce and deliver an Android-powered DVD multimedia station with our DVA6. Our double-DIN powerhouse brought internet-connected features into the vehicle. For 2017 we've enhanced our offering with the  DVA6. In-Dash unit enable music playback from many sources, viewing videos, a myriad of choices for connecting to the world that include chatting to your friends and family on Facebook, browsing your e-mails and pin-pointing your exact location via satellites to navigate your drive. Take advantage of motion sensing, voice command and easy-to-use touch enhanced controls for a safe driving experience.


Enhanced Viewing Systems and DVRs


Our RDV360 has revolutionized enhanced viewing for the aftermarket with our multi-camera DVR system. This system allows drivers to experience a real-time, top-down look around their vehicle enabling them to spot and avoid potential hazards. The built-in DVR records from either one or all 4 cameras. We're expanding our lineup of DVR's this year with 4 & 2-channel "Black Box" systems, that allows the driver to select a combination of camera views for the ultimate safety experience.



4-Channel Multi-Camera DVR System (Includes Cameras)
· Complete recording while vehicle is in motion enables accident evidence keeping.
· Features an auto-trigger function with turn signals to view potential Blind Spots
· Video security for vehicle while parked (sleep mode) with a G-Sensor that enables start of recording function if impact is detected.
· Safe Parking with 4-channel views and Split-Screen Images