Digital Ultrasonic Parking Sensor System


This new digital parking sensor system gives you the confidence to back your vehicle into any tight parking space without fear of scratches or scrapes. The waterproof and dust proof  sensors mount easily to your vehicle’s bumper (a hole saw is included). The system engages automatically when you put your vehicle into reverse. If equipped, the front sensors are activated every time the brake pedal is pressed. You'll hear an audible warning which increases in frequency as you get closer to nearby vehicles, lampposts, or other objects.

Each sensor head comes with its own digital circuit board that can plug into any location specific position on the main unit.  There are eight (8) ports that are separated front and rear as well inside and outside locations on the bumper. More importantly there are special programming options for provided external LED display, one being able to remove the distance number to mimic OEM found solutions.

“The PSR4000D gives the installer total flexibility in meeting the many potential applications. Our dealers and distributors should have no dilemma determining what kit to employ; this new system is truly a one kit fits all” states Jordan Shahriary, Rydeen’s National Product Trainer.

• High Accuracy 6-8-feet Sensing Distance 
• OE Grade Wire Harnesses
 Paintable Sensor Heads (Painting Mask Included)

 Surface Mounting System for OE Appearance
 Detecting Rang: (Flat Surfaces) 1.0 to 8.0 feet (Uneven Surfaces) 1.0 to 6.0 feet 

• 4-feet Sensitivity Range for Front Configuration Optimized for Front Parking Conditions


PSR4000D   (4) Sensor Kit: Front and/or Rear Digital Ultrasonic with Included LED Display for Distance


PSK4:   (4) Sensor Kit: Add On Sensors Kit 


PSK4Flush:  (4) Flush Sensor Kit: Flush OE Style Sensor Heads




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