FAQ: Accessories

If factory rear view mirror equips with Microphone from SYNC or U-CONNECT, will need to relocate the Mic using the MN-SYNC2. The connections are Mic+, Mic-, +12V and GND, and the instructions are included in the box showing specific vehicles and pin numbers.

Can only be used for MINy series camera. The bracket will be placed behind the license plate and will hold the MINy camera on top of the license plate.

MV adapter is for MV mirror series and MN is for Navigation mirror (MN312R / MD4BT / MA4BT). The purpose of these adapters is to use the factory stem with a 1 inch ball diameter and to be inserted to the adapter to mount the Rydeen mirror.

Each vehicle is using different mounting structure. Visit the Rydeen mirror application chart to see specific vehicle mount.

EXT01 is the 35feet extension cable for the 4-PIN commercial cameras. Perfect solution for M7000P and commercial camera since the M7000P transmits +12V and Audio through the 4-PIN.

Converts 4-PIN commercial connector to RCA connector type (for M7000P 2nd input).