FAQ: Back Up Sensors

6 sensor kit (BL622P & BL612PM)

Our 6 sensor kit comes with external speaker and LED display with built in speaker. The external speaker are for the rear sensors and the LED display is for the front sensors to show the distance. The speaker for front sensors can be turned OFF by using the switch behind the LED.

The front sensors can detect up to 4ft max. Normally starts beeping at 3ft.
The rear sensors can detect up to 8ft max, but the speakers will start beeping at 5ft

The front sensors have a trigger input that is going to be connected to the brake wire’s 12 volt output of the vehicle. Whenever the driver steps on the brake pedal, it will automatically activate the front sensors and will turn OFF 15 seconds after depressing the brakes pedal.

Need to check the location of the sensor heads.
Disconnect all sensors and connect each sensor one by one to locate which sensor is causing the constant beep.
Make sure the kit’s module is away from any ECM/BCM of the vehicle. Factory ECM/BCM sometimes out radio frequencies that can interfere with the backup sensors module.

For the front sensor, step on the brake and if the driver does not see the (–) on the LED, please check connections to the brake wire. If the driver can see (–) and still no reading, feel the front sensors to see if the sensors are vibrating If there is no vibration, the brake trigger wire is not connected.
For the rear sensors, need to check reverse trigger. Feel the rear sensors if they are vibrating and if not, please check connections.