FAQ: Car DVR System


Need to verify if the system used is using a black or silver module. Black module, make sure the voltage reducer is in line with the cameras. Silver module, make sure there is no voltage reducer in line with any cameras. Check to see power indicator on the module is lit up.

Correct this by moving the floor mats either closer or away from the vehicle.

Go to “LENS CALIBRATION” and make sure all mats on floor are even. For the front and rear cameras, be sure the red dot is centered with the column of the floor mat pattern. For the side cameras, both red dots should be identical to each other (should be the same block pattern for left and right).

Go to calibration screen and change the “Camera mirror settings”. Front camera should be the only side that is set to “YES”.

Both side cameras should be angled towards the blind spot areas of the vehicle. Front camera can NOT be installed less than 16 inches from the ground. Rear camera should be installed at the nearest center of the vehicle.

The RDV360 comes with 8 GB Micro SD card and it can record between 5-7 hours. The hours are broken down to 10 minute increments.

The videos are stored in the Micro SD card and the card is located on side of module. MOV format.

The video playback format is called MOV.

Our records show smallest vehicle to use our RDV360 system 8 Feet and the largest vehicles recorded from us is 21 Feet.


Yes, location of the camera can be determined according to the customers desire.

All of our cameras (not including commercial camera) share interchangeable 4 pin plug and power plugs.


During calibration, the vehicle must be on a flat level road then adjust the camera vertically to match the yellow line on the screen evenly with the horizon.

Yes! It can be adjusted by pressing LWT (Left Warning Time) & RWT (Right Warning Time).

Adjust the front collision warning by pressing “TTC” on the remote and the left and right arrows to either make the distance longer or shorter.

The PVR15W using GPS will detect greater than 35mph to activate the lane assist and front collision warning.

Our unit does have the built in G-Sensor. When the PVR15W senses a shock, it will capture a 30 second video and save/lock the video to the Micro SD Card.