PSR4000 – The Most Versatile DIGITAL Parking Sensors – November 2019

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PSR4000 – The Most Versatile DIGITAL Parking Sensors!!!
Digital Ultrasonic Front (and/or) Rear Parking Sensors.  4 sensor kit.
PSR4000 - The Most Versatile DIGITAL Parking Sensors - November 2019 1

PSR4000 - The Most Versatile DIGITAL Parking Sensors - November 2019 2The Rydeen PSR4000 is a truly digital parking sensor that rivals all previous systems and is on par with any OE system in style and performance. The PSR4000 can be used as a traditional backup sensor, a forward sensor system, or with the addition of the PSK4 kit, both for full coverage in the front and rear. The digital sensors are modular and can be painted to match the exact color of your vehicle for a perfect factory look. A tray for painting is even included.

PSR4000 - The Most Versatile DIGITAL Parking Sensors - November 2019 3The system’s display can be configured to be mounted either flat or upside-down. The display can be configured for both. The direction and distance are all displayed, and the display even has a built-in buzzer for ease of installation. An additional buzzer can also be added anywhere within the vehicle. If the system is configured as a front sensor, it will be activated by the brake pedal input and will detect objects within 2-3 feet in front of the vehicle. The rear sensors are activated by the reverse lights and will detect objects up to 8 feet.

PSR4000 - The Most Versatile DIGITAL Parking Sensors - November 2019 4

Key features include:

  • All-In-One kit, which accommodates a 4-sensor install (with the option of doing a 2-sensor install if preferred). Add the PSK4 to make this as an 8-sensor install covering both front and rear (PSK4 includes additional 4-sensors).
  • Direction and distance displayed with LED and built in buzzer.
  • One control box can accommodate up to 8-sensors (front & back)
  • Extension cables (for pickup trucks, etc…) included
  • Fully Digital sensors can be used on plastic bumpers or metal bumpers, the rubber boots around the sensor heads allows flexible install
  • Drill bit, painting mask and sensor extension cables are all included. Sensor heads are paintable.
  • Sensor learning mode for bicycle racks, spare tires or trailers as well as a push button for changing the sensing point (to bypass spare tires, etc…).
  • Optional 2nd buzzer, the BUZ04 (12V driven, sold separately), can be added for louder sound. The buzzer that comes standard in the kit box is 5V driven. Installers that don’t want to get into the front part of the vehicle can use the 12V buzzer. This will allow it to be contained in the trunk room but can still be heard loud and clear.
  • Changeable LED readout orientation as shown below.
PSR4000 - The Most Versatile DIGITAL Parking Sensors - November 2019 5

Please watch the video above and the links below for more information

Ten Years of innovation!

Rydeen Mobile is proud to celebrate its 10-year anniversary in the mobile electronic business.

“Rydeen mobile started out 10 years ago with humble intentions; to build and bring the best possible safety products to our industry at an affordable price. Quality and affordability have been the goal. We have come a long way since. We have achieved industry recognition with innovation awards at the Consumer Electronics Shows for several years now for many innovative products.  The future brings even more promise with new products being released all the time that will revolutionize the aftermarket safety category. We offer innovations like Third generation blind spot detection that is on par with any OE system on the market. Camera systems that will protect you and your car while driving or in your driveway.

“We are excited about the future and will continue our path, innovating for our dealers and customers,”  stated Phil Maeda, President and founder.

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