Rydeen is set to ship BSS-ONE, one sensor 77-GHz Blind Spot Radar w/ Type-III performance

July 18, 2022

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA, July 18, 2022 – Rydeen Mobile Electronics, a cutting-edge electronics designer and manufacturer dedicated exclusively to advanced vehicle driver safety, announces a new and unique 77-GHz blind spot radar BSS-ONE, with Type-III performance that detects vehicles approaching and passing in blind zones.

BSS One Use Illustration
  • Single Sensor Blind Spot Detection System for Universal Application
  • Highly Accurate Digital Radar Technology (77 GHz)
  • 2-Way Sensing (ISO 17387 type III) for Both Approaching and Passing Vehicles
  • Two LED Indicators for Visual Warning
  • Buzzer Speaker for Audible Warning
  • Automatic Speed Detection and Improved Sensing Accuracy

The Rydeen BSS-ONE Blind Spot Detection System adheres to inside of a plastic bumper using automotive grade adhesive. Installers may require to remove the bumper but there’s no need for right and left calibration adjustments.   The new BSS-ONE includes a single sensor with a 180-degree active field.  The sensor operates at 77GHz instead of the typical 24GHz, so it is able to process more data.

“Until now the user experience in aftermarket blind spot systems hasn’t been meeting the OE level experience. The BSS-ONE will ensure nearly 100 percent good outcomes,” said Rydeen founder Phil Maeda.

BSS One Product Image

The installation of BSS-ONE is simple, wires run to the A-Pillars for LED indicators or to the RYDEEN TOMBO 360 and BSS-MI mirrors, both equipped with internal LED indicators for visual warning. Making installation easy with the elimination of removing the A-pillar panel and drilling holes for independent indicators. As indicated, together with BSS-ONE and Rydeen mirrors are an excellent and efficient solution for adding safety features to your vehicle.

The retail pricing of BSS-ONE is $549.00.

RYDEEN is now shipping BSS-ONE to retailers & distributors throughout USA and Canada. Please feel free to contact us at 310-787-7880 or sales@rydeenmoble.com for any questions.

About Rydeen:
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