2nd Generation Rydeen Android-Powered Multimedia Receiver Now Shipping

October 30, 2014


2nd Generation Rydeen Android-Powered Multimedia Receiver Now Shipping

TORRANCE, CA (10.30.2014) – Rydeen Mobile Electronics announced today that its 2nd generation Android-powered multimedia source unit, model DVA6 is in the warehouse and available to ship to retailers and distributors nationwide. The announcement fulfills the company’s goal of bringing a connected  automotive user experience to the dash of a car. The new DVA6 improves on its predecessor with an updated version of the Android OS that’s been optimized for automotive use. The DVA6 features a Dual-Core CPU with 8-GB of system memory, and a new capacitive touch screen for quick response.

“Because the internet connected user experience is so widespread and accepted by consumers, several companies have attempted to bring internet connected experiences to a vehicle including Rydeen, says Bob Goodman, National Sales Manager of Rydeen. “Some have integrated a specialized operating system into a vehicle, however, they are limited by the native (OS) as apps must be optimized for those devices. Recently, both Apple and Google introduced connected car platforms, “CarPlay” and “Android Auto” respectively, but both are lacking the selection of 3rd party apps making their functionality quite limited. Others have attempted to maintain a tablet like experience by mirroring smartphones  with their head unit, but the solution is not ergonomically viable. The DVA6 allows us to have the best of both – internet connected functionality on a solid platform designed for in vehicle use.”

The double-DIN DVA6 is a full multimedia receiver that fits in the dash using standard specs. Its physical volume knob and push buttons support the driver with controls that are familiar and easily found by touch. The unit integrates directly with standard steering wheel control systems, and can work with digital versions using the PAC* SWI-RC interface. It also features built-in Bluetooth functionality, enabling hands-free conversations with an external microphone as well as playback and play/pause/seek control of audio selections stored on a Bluetooth-enabled phone or device.

The DVA6 incorporates an updated version of the Android operating system, optimized for the automotive environment. It includes several specialized apps that allow quick access to driver-centric functions such as radio, rear-view camera, music sources and subwoofer controls. Built-in WiFi capability via an included WiFi dongle allows the DVA6 to connect to WiFi hotspots or an in-car broadband device to access Pandora® and other cloud-based music providers, as well as Google Play, GMAIL, and YouTube. It also features built-in GPS capability for use with Google navigation (wireless connection required) or a user-purchased navigation app available from Google Play including Sygic.

As a receiver, the DVA6 features AM/FM, CD and DVD playback, along with SD card and USB inputs for additional media. It includes two audio/video inputs to enable video playback on its 6.2-inch capacitive touch screen display. Additionally, there is a dedicated rear-view camera input that automatically switches when the vehicle is in reverse. Audio/video outputs allow connection of a separate display for rear-seat entertainment.

On the audio side, the DVA6 has three sets of 2-volt RCA outputs to connect to front and rear zones and a subwoofer amplifier, each fed by an up-converted 24-bit audio signal. Internally, the DVA6 boasts a high-power amplifier rated at 45 watts per channel for the front and rear zones.

The DVA6 has a suggested retail price of $799, and will be featured along with Rydeen’s complete new product line in North Hall Booth # 12039 at the 2014 SEMA Show, November 4th to 7th at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. To schedule a booth appointment or demonstration, please call (877) 777-8811.

*PAC, Pacific Accessory Corporation,  www.pac-audio.com

About Rydeen:

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