Rydeen Ships 8 New Parking Sensor Systems

June 30, 2014


Rydeen Ships 8 New Parking Sensor Systems

TORRANCE, CA (06.30.2014) – Rydeen Mobile Electronics announced it has upgraded its complete line of add-on parking sensor systems. The Southern California-based supplier of premium safety systems for the automotive aftermarket has added eight SKUs that improve durability and add installation flexibility, bringing the total number of parking sensor systems to 12.

All of the new products feature improved wire harnesses with more robust connectors that supersede the already solid counterparts on current models. They also include the same characteristics as previous models: eight-foot sensing distance, movable stop point for vehicles with rear-mounted spare tires and tow hitches, and surface-mount or flush-mount SKU options.

The new BB-400PM ($70.00 MSRP), BB-400PMS ($80.00 MSRP) and BB-400PML ($90.00 MSRP) use high-quality sensors that mount from the outside of the bumper, while the BB-420P ($150.00 MSRP), BB-420PS ($160.00 MSRP) and BB-420PL ($170.00 MSRP) feature recessed sensors that mount from the bumper’s back side.

The L in the part number indicates that the systems include the LED002, a dash-mounted LED display provides and audible beep and visual display to show distance from an obstacle. The S designation is for systems that come with the SPK002, an external speaker that beeps with increasing frequency as the vehicle gets closer to an object. Systems without the L or S include a speaker inside the module casing.

Last year Rydeen introduced two six-sensor systems—the BL-612PM and BL-622P—designed to offer two-way parking protection with four sensors along the rear bumper and two in the front. The new BF-450PM and BF-470P add better sensingand application options.

“While dealers liked the idea of the six-sensor system, there were certain applications that required four sensors in the front instead of two for optimum operation,” said Phil Maeda, president of Rydeen. “Our authorized dealers also wanted a front-only kit that they could sell for vehicles that already included rear sensors, but no front sensors. Our two new dedicated front-sensor systems, which provide either front-mount or surface-mount sensors, are the answer.”

The BF-450PM ($90.00 MSRP) and BF-470P ($180.00 MSRP) feature a significantly shorter sensing distance than rear sensors, and activate for a 20-second duration when the brake is pressed to aid in parking and maneuvering. Both systems include the LED002 on-dash LED display.

All eight new models are currently shipping to authorized Rydeen dealers and distributors. For more information, contact a local Rydeen sales representative or distributor, or get in touch with Rydeen at (877) 777-8811 or [email protected]