Rydeen Adding 2 Side Cameras – Expanding Advanced Vehicle Technology Product Series

September 15, 2015

Rydeen Adding 2 Side Cameras – Expanding Advanced Vehicle Technology Product Series

CM-S500 and CM-D500 offer additional options for advanced vehicle safety…

Omni Dual Cameras

TORRANCE, CA (09.15.2015) –  Rydeen Mobile Electronics announced today the availability of 2 more
products in its Advanced Vehicle Technology series of vehicle safety solutions. “The addition of our CM-S500 “Omni Cam” gives installers complete freedom to mount this aluminum alloy encased, compact, and waterproof camera wherever they need. It features the latest in Super CMOS IV and Night Vision technology and can be used for standard or mirror image applications. Its versatility allows it to be used as a side camera for “Blind Spot” viewing with the included turn signal trigger or as a Backup Camera with the included reverse trigger,” says Bob Goodman, Rydeen Mobile’s Director of Sales & Marketing. The CM-S500 also has the option of using or removing distance grid lines. The CM-S500 is available now with an MSRP of $170.00.

The CM-D500 offers double the protection with a pair of CM-S500 Cameras that can be used as a complete “Blind Spot” viewing system including triggers for both left and right turn signals and removable distance grid lines. “Our new CM-D500 system has a distinct advantage over competing Blind Zone Detection systems,” noted Goodman. With traditional detection systems you are alerted by LED only when a vehicle has already entered the blind zone, but with our CM-D500 you can turn on either side camera for a complete view well in advance of a lane change or actual turn. As with the CM-S500, the CM-D500 is also waterproof, and conforms to IP68K standards. The CM-D500 is available now and has an MSRP of $300.00.

Both the CM-S500 and the CM-D500 are easy to install, with each camera having the option to adjust the camera angle to its preferred view. Using the supplied tool for angle adjustments, the cameras are able to be mounted and realigned to their proper location. Also, with the universal RCA output you are able to use these cameras on any universal RCA input monitor/LCD, with the ACC to keep the power constant, turn signals to trigger and ground. Depending on what monitor you are using and the capability, it can display the video without any delay.

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