Rydeen Introduces 2-Way Sensing, Advanced Blind-Zone Radar BSS2x with the World’s First Self-Speed Detection

January 7, 2019

Torrance, Calif. – January 7, 2019: Rydeen Mobile, the leader in mobile electronics innovations and Advanced Driver Safety Systems (ADAS), is proud to announce the development of the world’s first self-speed sensing radar blind spot detection system without the use of vehicle speed sensor or GPS.  Rydeen mobile has developed the new BSS2x Ultra Advanced blind-zone detection system.  The next generation of system based on Rydeen’s years of product history starting with BSS1 then recently released BSS2 and BSS2LPB (License plate bar) along with the BSS2LPBC (bar with a built-in camera). The BSS2LPBC has been awarded the Innovation Award at this year’s CES.

This new BSS2x system incorporates the latest in high output radar sensing technologies that greatly improves the accuracy and detection range.  The system has been designed to equal or exceed OEM factory specifications that is easy to install in an aftermarket environment.  “The new BSS2x also detects when your car is coming up on others in traffic, so you will get a warning when coming up and passing vehicles as well.  While we always recommend the safe use of mirrors, with the BSS2x will almost make them obsolete”, said Phil Maeda, president and CEO of Rydeen Mobile Electronics.

The BSS2x uses sensor technology to detect vehicle speed rather than GPS or a connection to the vehicles speed sensor through the CAN/OBD in-vehicle network.  This provided ease of installation and the system is always ready and does not have to wait for a good GPS lock required in older systems.  The system will not alert in situations under 15 MPH that can be annoying in slow moving traffic and parking lots.

BSS2x Road Illustration

The unit is expected to ship in March 2019 at an MSRP price of $ 899.00

  • Self-speed detection without the use of GPS or OBD2, using 2-way (1-transmitter, 2-receiver) sensing technology offering the ability to detect vehicles up to 80-feet behind even when the range is closing quickly
  • Detects when your vehicle is approaching others from behind issuing a programmable warning until it is safe.
  • Superior to OE products in both sensitivity and performances.
  • Represents exactly the same product behavior found in OEM Blindspot detection radar installed on high-end new vehicles.

Rydeen is a premier supplier of safety, lifestyle and convenience products for the automotive aftermarket, continuing its leadership role in in-vehicle electronics product innovations. Please visit Rydeen at CES North Hall booth #5606.

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