Rydeen Introduces BSS2 with GPS Speed Sensing and Improved Performances, Shipping in October 2018

October 5, 2018

BSS2 Unit

Torrance, Calif. – September 27, 2018: Rydeen Mobile, the leader in mobile electronics innovations and Advanced Driver Safety Systems (ADAS), is proud to announce the introduction of BSS2, the second generation radar blind-spot detection system. This new product is the advancement of accuracy and features from the reputable BSS1 radar blind-spot detection system introduced over a year ago.  This new system incorporates the latest in radar sensing technologies; it greatly improves the accuracy and detection range of the system and adds true cross traffic detection when reversing from a parking stall.  The BSS2 system has been designed to equal or exceed OEM factory specifications in an aftermarket solution.

The system incorporates the following new features:

  • The latest in second generation radar sensing technology.
  • Adjustable angled sensor brackets for better coverage and performance in all types of vehicles and customized applications.
  • Supplied angle tools – Two angle tools are now included to facilitate finding optimal sensor angles for customized applications. 20° for a wider detection area or 17° for a narrower more defined detection area.
  • GPS with selectable speed restriction (5/10/15/20 mph) to eliminate triggers in low speed high traffic areas such as parking lots similar to OEM systems.

This new system will allow aftermarket installers to achieve the same quality blind spot detection as many OEM factory installed systems.

“This will help our dealers and expediters offer superior safety systems to many vehicles that are not equipped with these systems from the factory and will offer these lifesaving systems to older cars that were produced before this technology was available,” stated Phil Meada, President and Principle of Rydeen Mobile.

The BSS2 will be available at all Rydeen dealers, distributors and expediters in October 2018 and has an estimated MSRP of $749.

For more information, please contact your Rydeen Mobile representative or visit us at www.rydeenmobile.com.

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