Rydeen Introducing Whole New Line of Backup Cameras at CES

January 7, 2019

Torrance, Calif. – January 7, 2019: Rydeen Mobile, the leader in mobile electronics innovations and Advanced Driver Safety Systems (ADAS), is proud to announce the introduction of new camera products at CES 2019.

Rydeen invented and introduced the small diameter mini-din cable connector about 10-year ago, which greatly improved the installation efficiency, shortened the backup camera installation time, installers no longer need to worry about making a hole big enough to run a RCA video connector through the vehicle body panel.

Rydeen innovated the cube camera picture quality by introducing MINy HD 7-year ago, is innovating the camera wire harnesses this year. “We are introducing the Quick Disconnect wire harnesses that allows installers ease of replacing the voltage reducer found in today’s camera products” says Phil Maeda, president CEO of Rydeen Mobile Electronics.  “Today’s Rydeen cameras became so much more reliable, due to the use of lower voltage operating CMOS sensors” Maeda continues, “compare to more than 10-year ago, when cameras were driven by 12-volt directly, thus easily burned camera modules due to overheating, therefore, we invented the short camera pig-tail cable with mini-din connector, allowed the ease of exchanging cameras” Maeda continues. “In recent years, in-line voltage reducer found on backup camera harness, may have caused issues under long hours of continuous operations, so we came up with the idea of “Quick Disconnect” so installers do not need to pull out entire wire harness from a vehicle” Maeda said. “The advantage is very clear, with the use of higher gauge copper cable and added trigger lines and the introduction of the “Quick Disconnect” idea, the difference is clear!!!” said Jeramiah Mayeda an owner Al & Ed’s Autosound Lawndale Store. “Rydeen cameras are number 1 in quality and with the new Quick Disconnect wire harnesses, would ensures the peace of mind when installing cameras to our valued customers, even if anything may happen down the road, it would be quick to service customers” Maeda continued.

“Quick Disconnect” wire harnesses are found in below camera models.

  • CM-HD4 — The top of line HD MINy (960 TV Lines) camera with Quick Disconnect Wire Harness Mirror/Positive image.
  • CM-MINy3 — MINy Camera with Quick Disconnect Wire Harness with Mirror /Standard Image & Parking Line On/Off Options
  • CM-APL3 — MINy Camera with Trajectory Parking Lines with Quick Disconnect Wire Harness Mirror Image Only, White LED’s for Night Vision
  • CM-LED4 — Infrared/Invisible LED illuminated MINy Camera with Quick Disconnect Wire Harness with Mirror/Standard Image & Parking Line On/Off Options
  • CM-DUO3 HD — HD (960 TV Lines) Stud Mount Camera with Quick Disconnect Wire Harness Mirror/Flip Image, Parking Line ON/OFF Options
  • CM-LIP3 APL — HD LIP (580 TV Lines) Camera with Trajectory Parking Lines with Quick Disconnect Wire Harness, Mirror/Standard Image, Active Parking Line ON/OFF Option

Rydeen is a recipient of the 2019 CES Innovation Award for its BSS2LPBC, the second-generation vehicle radar blind-zone detection system with built-in camera, continuing its leadership role in in-vehicle electronics product innovations. Please visit Rydeen at CES North Hall booth #5606.

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