Rydeen is set to ship TOMBO 360 Rearview Mirror/DVR with Video Surveillance

February 8, 2022

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA, February 8th, 2022 – Rydeen Mobile Electronics, a cutting-edge electronics designer and manufacturer dedicated exclusively to advanced vehicle driver safety, announces a new and unique 360-degree video rearview replacement mirror with built-in touch capable 10-inch HD monitor with built-in drive recorder.  Unlike other mirrors that can capture and record DVR video, the RYDEEN TOMBO 360 DVR Mirror also houses a 360-degree 4K High-Definition digital video camera. TOMBO, which means “dragonfly” in Japanese, symbolizes the capability of All-Seeing-Vision. It provides a full view of both the inside and outside of the vehicle from the vantage point of the rearview mirror.

The stunning 10-inch frameless mirror embeds a full-length touchscreen that controls and displays streaming in 4K video.  The single 360-degree camera streams and records video from all sides of the car.  Users can then choose to display the front of the car, sides of the car and the rear seat, for monitoring passengers.

Users can swipe left and right on the mirror to view the particular perspective they wish to see.  They can also set the mirror to show split screen views of multiple angles (including left and right-side lanes or front view plus backseat).  What makes this product so unique is that the TOMBO 360 can show a 360-degree view simultaneously on all multiple view selections for complete viewing coverage.

See quick video clip:

TOMBO 360 + ProKit 1 (long)
TOMBO 360 (short)
Backup Safety
Amazing 360 View

When the DVR mirror’s monitor section is off, it becomes a normal reflective mirror, however, the video recording will continue in the background.

The mirror can also work with a HD video quality backup camera, giving you a 2-channel HD recording feature. TheTOMBO 360 mirror can also stream video from behind the car and automatically switch to a backup camera when the car is in reverse (sold separately with ProKit 1 package).

ProKit 1 also includes proximity sensor. If a car was damaged while parked overnight, the owner can view video footage of the incident recorded by TOMBO 360. Viewing both the car cabin AND the surroundings of the car, or owners may view a parked car’s condition and surroundings recorded, as the proximity sensor can wake up the DVR function with the presence of objects and movement.

TOMBO 360 features a USB-C port, enabling the user to connect TOMBO 360 with an external memory device for video storage backup. This feature is so convenient for the video files backup and transfers to a PC rather than the tiny microSD card used by other car DVR products.

In the future, RYDEEN will add 4G/5G capability to the USB-C port, so that it becomes a “virtual technology hub” for any car, including older vehicles.  With the optional wireless 4G/5G connection, parents can check on teen drivers in real time.

Rydeen Mobile Electronics CEO and Founder Phil Maeda said, “Even older vehicles can benefit from cutting edge technology with the TOMBO 360 mirror. This is the only automotive mirror of its kind that combines both streaming video and a 360-degree camera for views in and around the vehicle,” he continued, “The TOMBO 360 now becomes the base platform for adding future technology; not only 4G or 5G, but also facial recognition and unattended vehicle security.”

Unlike other 360-degree cameras that present a rounded, “fish-eye,” distorted image, the TOMBO 360 uses internal processing to flatten the image and present a bright, clear, and realistic view.

Our system uses a Sony® Hi-Res CMOS (STARVIS®) sensor with advanced HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, adjusting lighting conditions for clarity and perfect resolution in any situation. This is important when the outside lighting is bright and sunny, but the inside cabin lighting is darker. RYDEEN has overcome this lighting challenge, which continues to plague most other systems.

Users may change the camera angle to face straight forward, then the TOMBO 360 mirror can view beyond right and left sides of A-pillars of a vehicle.  It can automatically change the screen view for blind spot elimination. The mirror also automatically triggers the optional rear camera when the car is placed in reverse, offering a seamless system for all driving directions.

TOMBO 360 mirror enables adding one of RYDEEN’s Blind Spot Radar Safety products with internal LED indicators. Making installation easy with the elimination of removing the A-pillar panel and drilling holes for independent indicators. As indicated, TOMBO 360 is truly the information HUB for all types of safety features. “This is the first generation of our platform, which will continue to incorporate industry leading technologies,” added Maeda.

The retail pricing for TOMBO 360 is $399.00 and the upgrade ProKit 1 package is $199.00.

RYDEEN is now shipping the TOMBO 360 and ProKit 1 to retailers & distributors throughout USA and Canada. Please feel free to contact us at 310-787-7880 or [email protected] for any questions.

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