Rydeen Mobile at DOW Elite Dealer Retreat

September 1, 2018

Torrance, Calif. — September 1, 2018: Rydeen Mobile took part in the DOW Elite Dealer Retreat at the Streamsong luxury resort on July 23rd and 24th. The retreat was tailored for dealers to attend brief sessions with manufacturers throughout the day.

Rydeen Mobile held training sessions and provided examples of current products throughout the 2-day event, allowing for questions and hands-on samples of how their brand is tackling safety in the automotive industry. The company also had their demo rig van on-site to show many of the possible integrations that are available.

The retreat was designed to help vendors and their customers come together in a relaxed environment where they could do training, talk one-on-one, and improve relationships overall.

The staff had a great time giving demonstrations and providing training to the many representatives that came out for the event. It was a great opportunity to showcase new products and explain how were planning to meet industry needs and wants.

Everyone involved benefited in some way, for the dealers it was a perfect way to learn about new products, or get support on existing products from manufacturer’s they worked with or potentially wanted to work with. For the manufacturer’s it was a great way to see what sort of demand there was for particular products, how to improve future products, and how to provide more information on existing items for easier installations or troubleshooting.

In terms of events, the DOW Elite Dealer retreat had something for everyone, and it’s sure to be highly anticipated for next year.