Rydeen to Showcase the World’s First In-Vehicle 360 Mirror DVR Surveillance System with Built-in Blind-Zone Radar Indicators at CES 2019

January 7, 2019

Rydeen Tombo360 Rearview Mirror DVR

Torrance, Calif. – January 7, 2019: Rydeen Mobile Electronics, premier supplier of advanced driver safety products (ADAS) for the automotive aftermarket, will be displaying the world’s first 360 Mirror DVR Surveillance System with built-in Blind Zone indicators. A 360° Panorama Surround View fish-eye camera with viewing angle of 220-degree is placed at the bottom of the interior mirror which can conveniently capture surrounding video of a vehicle’s interior as well as exterior views through windshields. “Unlike conventional vehicle DVR systems, Rydeen’s new 360 Mirror DVR has no blind zone” says Phil Maeda, president and CEO of Rydeen Mobile Electronics. “This is the world’s most innovative in-vehicle electronics product offered today, with a huge potential of expendabilities” Maeda continues.  The system also features full-size 9.3-inch screen TFT with touch screen controls. “With abilities of incorporating various IoT devices, such as GPS vehicle tracking systems, WiFi transmitter/receivers, external cameras, 4G/5G modems, etc… this 360 Mirror DVR can truly be the core of in-vehicle features and technologies consumers are looking for, including facial recognition technology, thus becomes the platform for technologies similar to the Smart Phones which was invented more than 10-year ago”, Maeda says.

  • Built-in 4K 360°Panorama Surround View Recording
  • Full View 9.3” TFT Mirror Monitor with Touch Screen
  • Multi-view Split Screen Monitoring
  • Parking Monitoring (Time-Lapse Video)
  • Using Sony 4K Hi-Res CMOS Sensor for Excellent HDR
  • Optional IoT devices connection (GPS tracking, 4G/5G modem etc.)
  • Optional Remote Monitoring Access using Cell Phone/WiFi
  • Optional Blind Zone Radar Connection
  • Digital Video Input with Reverse Tigger for Backup Camera

MSRP and availability are not yet determined. For more information, please contact your Rydeen Mobile representative at toll-free 877-777-8811 or visit us at www.rydeenmobile.com.

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