Rydeen Updates Website in time for TOMBO 360 Rearview Mirror/DVR introduction

March 2, 2022

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA, March 2nd, 2022 – Rydeen Mobile Electronics, a cutting-edge electronics designer and manufacturer dedicated exclusively to advanced vehicle driver safety, announces today the release of its new website www.rydeenmobile.com with easier navigation, enhance product offerings and a commitment to consumer awareness of newly introduced TOMBO 360. The site offers six product category icons, making navigation easier for dealers and consumers alike with the emphasis of TOMBO 360 features.

  1. Rotational product animation at the top, to show the exterior look.

This is the only vehicle DVR that can record in 360-angle, left/right windshield views are clearly recorded at the same time recording the front.

  • Product overview video is embedded.

New products are showcased in an easy to navigate format that will draw attention to the benefits of the product line. As TOMBO 360 is a unique 360-degree video rearview replacement mirror with built-in touch capable 10-inch HD monitor and built-in drive recorder.  Unlike other mirrors that can capture and record DVR video, the RYDEEN TOMBO 360 DVR Mirror also houses a 360-degree 4K High-Definition digital video camera. TOMBO, which means “dragonfly” in Japanese, symbolizes the capability of All-Seeing-Vision. It provides a full view of both the inside and outside of the vehicle from the vantage point of the rearview mirror.

  • Product Landing pages for detailed information.

For specific details on what is included in either the TOMBO 360 or PROKIT 1 can be found on these landing pages for a better understanding of what is included in the box before purchase. MSRP pricing and key features are listed as well.

  • Social Media Links to product videos and dealer images.

Check out all the latest Instagram posts on the RYDEEN page to see what our dealers are installing and how they are using our products for different applications. We always encourage the dealers to send us what they got!

With an emphasis on the TOMBO360, our new website highlights the functions and features of our flagship product. From the basic use of just the TOMBO360 to the fully equipped version including the add on PROKIT1 and any of the RYDEEN blind spot safety kits. In the future, RYDEEN will add 4G/5G capability to the USB-C port, so that it becomes a “virtual technology hub” for any car, including older vehicles.  With the optional wireless 4G/5G connection, parents can check on teen drivers in real time.

“At Rydeen Mobile we are trying to drive a further understanding and consumer awareness to our category of driver safety products. This has always been lacking in the past and our industry has not done a good job of driving consumer awareness. We will try to change that and will focus on driving business to our dealers by educating our customers, both dealers and end users, to the benefits of this category. Our site will evolve periodically in an attempt to educate the public to the benefits of driver safety products,” said national tech support manager/trainer Johnathan Gandarela. Our goal as a company is to bring the best products to our dealers and to further educate the buying public that these products can be expertly added to any vehicle with professional and possibly lifesaving results.

“We are innovating a category within our industry we can all be proud of. Now it’s time to get the word out to the buying public,” said Oliver Grunhold, director of product planning and development. “With the help of our dedicated staff, dealers and sales representatives we will continue to innovate and push the narrative to the buying public.  Driver safety is a category we all need to be involved in.”

Unlike other 360-degree cameras that present a rounded, “fish-eye,” distorted image, the TOMBO 360 uses internal processing to flatten the image and present a bright, clear, and realistic view.

“This is the first generation of our platform, which will continue to incorporate industry leading technologies,” added Grunhold.

The retail pricing for TOMBO 360 is $399.00 and the upgrade ProKit 1 package is $199.00.

RYDEEN’s website is now up and running. Now shipping the TOMBO 360 and ProKit 1 to retailers & distributors throughout USA and Canada. Please feel free to contact us at 310-787-7880 or [email protected] for any questions.

About Rydeen:
At Rydeen Mobile Electronics, our
mission is to provide the safest vehicle driving experience with solution-based products and technologies, creating “peace of mind everyday” to consumers worldwide! For more information, visit our website at www.rydeenmobile.com.