JB01 Spare Tire Bracket

JB01 -- Jeep Spare Tire Backup Camera Bracket

Jeep Wrangler Spare Tire Camera Bracket

(Camera Not Included)                          

WG-2400P -- ProGrade Digital Wireless Video System

The RYDEEN WG-2400P digital wireless video system allows vehicle owners to install a rear-view camera and monitor system without running video cable along the vehicle or trailer. Simply connect RYDEEN's camera to the digital transmitter using the commercial grade waterproof 4-PIN cable, connect power to both modules, and you'll be able to view your camera's signal on almost any video monitor, including RYDEEN’s Stand-Alone M7000P. This system is ideal for trailers where the video transmissions must go through metal panels. Waterproof (IP69K) housing enables the air to air transmission as the transmitter can be installed on top of the trailer. Not only can the WG-2400P transmit clear video signal, it is also capable of transmitting audio signals from Rydeen's commercial cameras, which include internal microphones.

  • - Digitally Encrypted Wireless Signal Communication at 2.4 GHz
  • -Transmits both video & audio
  • - Waterproof (IP69K)
  • - Includes Adhesive Pads, Power Cables, Video Cable Adapter
  • - Connects to Backup Camera and Front Video Monitor
  • - Effective Transmission Range up to 50 feet average