CM-AHD Switcher

AHD switcher ONLY


  • 3-in-1-Out Video Switcher
  • Smart Trigger Activiation
  • Supports 5V and 12V AHD Cameras
  • SOS Video Recording w/ compatible device

SKU:CM-AHD Switcher

The AHD (Analog High Definition) switcher is a versatile device designed to seamlessly manage and control multiple AHD cameras in a surveillance system. The AHD Switcher Enables users to switch between different AHD cameras effortlessly, providing real-time monitoring and recording capabilities. Equipped with advanced technology, the AHD switcher supports high-definition video transmission, ensuring crisp and clear footage for enhanced surveillance needs. With reliable performance and robust construction, the AHD switcher provides dependable operation, ensuring maximum security and peace of mind.