PSR4000 — Digital Ultrasonic Parking Sensors


Key Features

  • Direction/Distance LED indicator w/ built-in buzzer
  • Hideaway adjustable speaker
  • Highly sensitive digital sensors
  • Instantly turns on with reverse gear selection
  • Brake pedal for front activation (20second count down relay)
  • Paintable sensors (painting mask/table included)
  • Applicable in Metal or Plastic Bumpers
  • Optional 12v Louder Speaker (BUZ004)

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Rydeen digital ultrasonic parking sensors provide coverage behind and/or front of the vehicle. When an object is detected in the area the driver will be alerted inside the vehicle with distinct warning tones from slow beeps, to rapid beeps and then solid tone when closest. The kit comes standard with (4) digital sensor heads that can be used for Front and/or Rear applications.

If configured as front sensors a timer is activated by foot brake 12v input, this will start to detect objects within 2-3 feet when plugged into the front ports. If brake is re-pressed before countdown is complete it will reset the timer for 20 seconds. No CAN bus or Vehicle Speed needed.

Optional GPS4000 is available. GPS4000 allows installers to have the option of controlling the front sensors using GPS. The simple 4 wire hook-up will require power, ground and brake wire connections. GPS4000 will allow the front sensors to only to operate at speeds 5MPH or lower. Installers will no longer have to add any switching and consumers will not have to worry about turning the system ON when pulling into a parking space.

Configuration for rear sensors solution is activated by reverse lamps, in this configuration and plugged into rear ports the system will start detecting objects at 6-8 feet. Each kit also comes with a program button for spare tire or back rack. Optional BUZ004 Louder Speaker also available for louder audible alerts.

See PSK4 to expand system capabilities with more sensors and coverage.

Manuals / Guides

PSR4000 — Digital Front and/or Rear Parking Sensors


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In the Box

  • Main control box
  • Ultrasonic sensors (4 digital sensors)
  • 0,4,10 degree angle couplers for angled bumpers
  • Sensor cable short and long extensions provided
  • LED Display with Internal Speaker
  • Adjustable hideaway buzzer
  • Drill/Hole-saw bit (18.8mm)
  • Users manual
  • Accessories