Rydeen Newsletter – October 2020

October 22, 2020 | IN

RYDEEN Backup Camera Product Line Overview

Rydeen Newsletter - October 2020 1

Built to last, Rydeen cameras have been the choice dealers and installers have gone to for quality and customer satisfaction. Over the past couple of years and much communication with installers, Rydeen has accommodated ease of installation with the new “QD (Quick Disconnect) WIRE HARNESS” and upped the camera quality to suit higher resolution head units, especially those with bigger screens, that are now on the market. With many mounting options, front and side viewing styles, Rydeen cameras have you covered for all different types of installations. Please review some key points below and watch our video to educate yourself on options for your customers.

  • RYDEEN Cameras are built to last.
  • The best picture quality offered for Analog Video CVBS interface, (CM-HD4).
  • RYDEEN the “QUICK DISCONNECT” wire harness, for allowing installers ease of exchanging camera without pulling out the entire RCA cable.
  • Reverse/Front camera installation options.
  • CM-APL3 has the internal gyro for bendable parking lines.
  • CM-DUO3 HD has 2 different mounting options. Lip or vertical surface positions. Made with Metal Zinc Alloy housing.
  • CM-LIP4 is an easy install with included hale saw.
  • CM-CKH2 offers standard picture quality and 2 ways of mounting options (Convertible Design).
  • CM-SIDE and CM-D700 are made to attach under the sideview mirrors.
  • CM-D700 includes and In-Line switching harness for 2 cameras and 1 video out.
  • Optional CM-Switcher offers 3 Camera IN & 1 video OUT, 1 pass-through with trigger switching capabilities.
  • RYDEEN Truck Tail Gate handle cameras.
  • RYDEEN offers Pro Grade stand-alone cameras.
  • RYDEEN JB01, Jeep Spare Tire Bracket for MINy cameras & BL01. For License Plate for all types of vehicles, goes behind the license plate for stealth install.

Please watch the video (no sound)

Rydeen Newsletter - October 2020 2

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