12V (Louder) Buzzer for PSR4000 Parking Sensor


  • Increased sound output using higher voltage (12V) input
  • Suitable for hidden location installation
  • Plug and play installation
  • An optional part for the PSR4000 digital parking sensor
  • See the picture for the connector configuration (2 PINS)


BUZ04 allows installers to have the option of having a louder buzzer sound for PSR4000. Plug and play installation, simply add BUZ004 to the PSR4000 main control box. As an optional part for the PSR4000 digital parking sensors, the BUZ04 is a replacement buzzer driven by 12-volt input. The standard buzzer is driven by 5-volt, therefore BUZ04 emits sound substantially louder then the standard buzzer included in the kit.


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