360-Degree View Mirror Systems – Benefits & Four Top Picks

September 27, 2023

As cars and trucks have become smarter, so have their basic safety features. Technologies that were once reserved for top of the line models have now become industry standard as we move to more advanced systems that put safety as one of the top priorities.

Dash-cams and similar solutions aren’t new, they’ve been around for quite some time already, and they work very well. With the combination of a front facing dash cam and a rear camera for backup, you would say you are pretty well into the modern safety features of a vehicle. Of course, you can always do more with higher priced vehicles (like a Tesla for example), but for the average person there are a number of solutions available that don’t require financing a completely new vehicle.

One of the most remarkable technological advancements that we’ve seen in recent years has been the advancement of the 360-degree view mirror system. These systems aren’t just for show either, they take all of the best features of a standard dash cam and then add a number of additional ones to give you a truly unique safety system in your car. 

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Enhanced Safety: The system helps identify objects or people around the vehicle that might not be easily seen with traditional mirrors, reducing blind spots.
  • Parking Assistance: The 360-degree view simplifies parking, especially in tight spots, by giving a clear picture of how much space is available around the car.
  • Maneuverability: It makes it easier to navigate in confined spaces, like narrow lanes or during parallel parking.
  • Obstacle Detection: The system can identify and alert the driver to potential obstacles like curbs, bollards, or even potholes, reducing the chances of vehicle damage.
  • Increased Confidence: For many drivers, a surround-view system boosts confidence, especially in challenging driving situations such as busy parking lots.
  • Towing and Hitching: For vehicles that tow trailers or boats, a 360-degree view can make hitching and maneuvering with a trailer much easier.
  • Reduced Stress: By providing a comprehensive view, the system can reduce the stress associated with tight parking or driving in congested areas.
  • Potential for Integration with Other Systems: With advancements in technology, these systems can be integrated with other safety features like parking sensors, automatic parking systems, or even autonomous driving functionalities.
  • Vehicle Protection: By being more aware of your surroundings, you can avoid minor collisions or scrapes that can damage your vehicle’s bodywork and decrease its resale value.
  • Enhanced Resale Value: Many modern buyers consider advanced safety and convenience features like a 360-degree view system as desirable, potentially increasing the resale value of your vehicle.

Four Surround-View Systems Explored

At Rydeen Mobile Electronics, we’ve spent a lot of time developing and testing solutions to make the driving experience safer, and more enjoyable. With advancements emerging at every turn, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what’s out there before making a decision. To assist with this, here are four of our top product recommendations for your 360-degree surround view system.

  • Tombo 360X
    The TOMBO 360X is a 10-inch touchscreen rearview mirror with a built-in dash cam that offers 360-degree video recording. Its frameless design provides a sleek appearance, and it adjusts brightness automatically. Swipe controls offer different viewing angles, including a simultaneous 360-degree view. It detects objects within 10 feet and has blind spot detection LED indicators. Additional features include a USB-Type C connector for video transfers, GPS time-stamping, a windshield mount, backup camera, and proximity sensor. Compatible with RYDEEN Blind Spot kits and more.

  • 360 VIEW-SPL
    The 360 VIEW-SPL is a 10-inch touchscreen rearview mirror with 360° recording. It offers user-selectable car perspectives, high brightness, and contrast with auto-adjust. Features include swipe controls for various angles, split-screen views, and essential accessories like a backup camera, hardwire power cable, and the BP1 backpack adapter to make it a full mirror replacement.

  • 360 VIEW-K
    The 360 VIEW-K is a 10-inch touchscreen rearview mirror with 360° 4K video recording, offering views inside and outside the vehicle. Its design ensures high brightness and contrast. Users can swipe for various angles, including a simultaneous 360-degree view. It pairs with an AHD rear camera for backup and can display split-screen views. Easily mounted with Velcro and powered via a lighter plug. Upgrade kits, such as mounts and cables, are available separately.

  • 360 VIEW
    The 360 VIEW offers a 10-inch touchscreen rearview mirror with 360° 4K video recording, allowing for various car views. Featuring a frameless design, it ensures ultra-bright, high-contrast displays. Users can easily navigate views and benefit from simultaneous 360-degree perspectives. This unique rearview solution, designed for easy DIY mounting, includes an HD drive recorder. Separate upgrades include mounts, rear cameras, and cables.

Due to the level of integration in your vehicle, the TOMBO 360X and 360VIEW-SPL are intended for certified installation dealers or specialized shops, indicating a need for expert setup and service to guarantee correct operation and vehicle compatibility. 

These items are crafted to replace rearview mirrors and come equipped with features like a touchscreen, an embedded dash cam, HD display, 360-degree video recording, and direct wiring. Notably, the SPL lacks the sleep mode proximity sensor, built-in LED signals for blind spots, and a USB-C port for video file transfers found in the TOMBO 360X.

If you consider yourself a hobbyist and are familiar with wiring, our two other versions may be more suited for you. The 360VIEW and 360VIEW-K cater to those who like to install their own gadgets, and maybe don’t want to install something quite as permanent in their vehicle. 

These models are meant to be affixed over the original mirror using Velcro bands, and they’re powered simply via a car lighter plug. They come equipped with features like a touchscreen, dash cam, HD screen, and 360-degree video capture, ensuring user-friendly experiences. What sets the 360VIEW-K apart is its inclusion of a digital AHD backup camera. This allows drivers to relay backup visuals directly to the 360 VIEW-K, offering greater clarity and suitability even for larger vehicles where traditional mirrors might fall short.

For quick look, you an see the key differences on the chart below. 

Smart Mirror Comparison Sheet

Safety For Any Vehicle

The advantages of a 360-degree view mirror system are hard to deny. And when you have the ability to put it into nearly any car or truck, old and new, there’s a very strong case for having it. They bring a sense of luxury and futuristic feel to your driving experience, and it’s immediately evident how much they add in terms of safety and monitoring as well. By integrating with multiple cameras you have the ability to see around your car like never before. And if you decide to stick with just a single camera you are still receiving an advanced solution that lets you keep a digital record of everything happening around you inside of the car.

In an era where technology is reshaping our driving experience, surround-view systems stand out as an invaluable addition, merging safety with sophistication. As you consider integrating this feature into your vehicle, remember that the ultimate choice should align with your unique needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize basic functionality or advanced tech features, there’s a system out there tailor-made for you. Stay informed, weigh the pros and cons, and most importantly, drive safely and confidently, knowing you’re equipped with one of the best automotive innovations of our time.