The 5 Best Features of a Car Backup System

April 20, 2023

Since 2018 it’s been law in the United States (and Canada) that cars have a backup camera system. And while this means that all new vehicles are required to have them, it doesn’t do much for the majority of the population (nearly 70%) who purchase used vehicle or have vehicles that were bought before 2018. In a case like that, how do you make the argument to help those with older vehicles make the upgrade to a backup system for their car? In many cases it isn’t reasonable to expect them to buy a new car just for a single feature, but it might be a lot more convenient and affordable if you can convince them to install a third party backup camera system that will give them many of the benefits of a newer car without the hefty price tag.

The fact of the matter is that backup cameras are an essential upgrade to nearly any vehicle, and the reasons to have one installed far outweighs any potential reason not to. While there are many reasons to consider adding one to your car or truck, here are five essential reasons to consider.

Enhanced visibility where you need it

As of Feb 1, 2023, it was estimated that on average, 210 people are killed every year in backup related accidents, and even more sad about that fact is that about half of them are children. More than 7,000 people are injured in some capacity. Having a backup camera system in your car definitely increases your visibility, which not only protects you from hitting otherwise hidden objects, but people around your vehicle that you may not see otherwise. Rydeen offers ultrasonic backup sensor systems in addition to visual cameras, adding more sensitivity of detecting objects (human, including children) for backup safety.

Parking assistance for any vehicle

Many backup car systems come with parking guidelines to help you gauge the distance between you and other vehicles or objects. Many originally equipped backup cameras can even give you interactive parking lines that change as you turn your wheels (Rydeen is developing a new model called CM-APL5 that would feature such feature and the availability will be announced soon). Parking in the dark can be a serious challenge, especially if you are in an area that you aren’t familiar with. Most backup cameras are NOT equipped with infrared technology, Rydeen offers the CM-LED4 with Infrared Lighting, which can help you see in even the complete darkness. Other cameras offered by Rydeen such as CM-HD4, CM-HD5 and CM-MINy can see even just a little bit of light (sometimes even just your backup lights) and it will illuminate the camera viewing field so you can reverse your vehicle without issue or second guessing.

Backup Camera Example

Wide-Angle viewing for maximum coverage

Most camera backup systems have a wide-angle lens installed which gives you a much broader view of your backup area than a standard camera lens. This enhanced view gives you a better view of things on the fringes of your vehicle instead of focusing on what is directly behind you, effectively limiting the number of blind spots you might normally have. Rydeen cameras, especially CM-HD5 and CM-MINy5 meets the Department of Transportation (DOT FMVSS 111) regulations for the viewing angle requirements.

These types of cameras can also be used as a rearview mirror. A perfect example of this is our Tombo 360X. Ever since GM came out with their panoramic rearview mirror; customers have asked for a similar product. With a 10” display, the option to record and double as a backup camera, the Tombo 360X covers what GM offers and more! You would think only vehicles with no back window, or a camper could be the only ones to benefit from such a feature. The reality is anyone who wants to make sure they have the best view of what is behind them can benefit. Even with a couple of passengers in the vehicle, it could block a potential threat that would be visible with a system like this.

Water Resistance for all weather types

Having a camera with an IP67/68 rating will ensure it stands up to nearly any wet weather that it encounters. You can find a number of backup cameras with a quick search, but buying an unknown brand, especially from Amazon for example, can end up becoming a bigger problem. Not only will you not be able to return the cameras after 1-month of purchase, you will have to install the camera and other equipment by yourself. If you haven’t done something like this before, you may find quite difficult to penetrate the video & power lines through the rear gate behind rear seats and trunk area.

If you live in the area that can get colder than below the freezing point during winter, choose Rydeen cameras, you won’t regret it. If you live in the area can get very hot during summer, above 100-F degrees, choose Rydeen cameras, our cameras have got your covered. We ensure the products with strict reliability testing, hot & cold, heat shock, drop test, and anti-static electricity testing to name a few. We do them all so we can stand behind our warranty and offer a quality product.

A Worthy Upgrade to any vehicle

While most backup camera systems are pretty reasonable in terms of price, if you want more options and are willing to spend a bit more, there are some extra features you can add to the ones listed above. There are camera systems that allow for multiple camera inputs (if you were pulling a trailer) or if you were hoping to install a camera inside your cab for security purposes (our Tombo 360X is a good example of this integration).

While most backup cameras are HD, they still only operate on a 1080p resolution or less. If you are wanting a truly crystal-clear view, then it’s worth opting for a digital view camera that can record in 4k for a truly uninhibited viewing experience. You will have to make sure that the monitor you are using has the ability to display at HD quality, however, as digital cameras require advanced hardware.

A moderately priced backup system can help you immensely when it comes to increasing the safety of those around your vehicle and you while you operate it. Of course, a backup camera is never a substitute for good defensive driving, and you should always strive to proactively check all your mirrors in addition to the monitor screen before backing out anywhere. Whether you are a new driver or an experienced one, investing in a backup camera system can make a significant difference in preventing accidents.

If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle with a backup camera system and don’t know where to start, we can help. Just contact our tech team using our inquiry form or call us directly at 1-877-777-8811 and we can give you all the information you need to find the system that works for you.