8.2″ Mirror Digital AHD Monitor with Ultra High Brightness TFT Dual Video Inputs, Includes AHD Backup Camera and VSM-AV Mount (round or straight)


  • HD video real-time viewing
  • Wide dynamic image technology
  • Equipped with SONY® sensor module
  • AHD Backup Camera


Experience a new era of driving clarity with Rydeen Mobile’s latest innovation, the PV8-A digital streaming rearview mirror. This pioneering device transforms your rearview mirror into a vivid, 8.2-inch high-definition display, providing an unobstructed view of the road behind. The accompanying trunk-mounted lip camera streams crystal-clear video, eradicating the common blind spots caused by rear seat passengers, bulky cargo, or tall headrests.

Not only does the PV8-A boast an ultra-bright display that rivals OEM streaming mirrors, but it also introduces enhanced safety features for a range of vehicles, from the Chevy Blazer to the Toyota RAV4. The traditional shape with subtle curves is designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of car interiors. With its high-resolution camera offering a sweeping 110-degree field of vision and a 1280×288 pixel screen, you’ll park with ease and drive with confidence. Embrace the touch screen functionality and adjustable parking lines for a tailored driving experience with Rydeen Mobile’s PV8-A.

View the PV8-B model here.