8.2″ Mirror Digital AHD Monitor with Ultra High Brightness TFT Dual Video Inputs, Includes AHD Backup Camera and VSM-AV Mount (round or straight)

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  • HD video real-time viewing
  • Wide dynamic image technology
  • Equipped with SONY® sensor module
  • AHD Backup Camera


Step into the future of vehicular safety with the Rydeen Mobile PV8-B, a state-of-the-art streaming rearview mirror that delivers unmatched visual clarity. Tailored for the modern driver, the PV8-B features a sleek, straight-edged design perfect for contemporary vehicles like Teslas. Its expansive 8.2-inch display is a window to the world behind you, bringing OEM-quality brightness to every vehicle.

Ideal for drivers of popular models such as the Honda Civic or those seeking upgrades on lower trims of the RAV4, the PV8-B mirror is not just a visual aid but a pivotal safety enhancement. The screen’s high resolution and the wide-angle camera feed ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. The 1080P camera with its 110-degree viewing angle paired with a 1280×288 pixel display screen guarantees you’re always aware of your surroundings. The intuitive touch screen and customizable parking lines put control at your fingertips. Choose Rydeen Mobile’s PV8-B for a cutting-edge driving experience.

View the PV8-A model here.